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ClimbZone is truly a revolutionary concept in family entertainment and the most unique indoor climbing experience that has ever been created. All our indoor climbing walls are individually themed. At ClimbZone, you and your children can climb to the top of Jack's giant beanstalk, negotiate an enormous spider web, reach for the stars aboard our giant space rocket, rise to the top of the Empire State Building, scale the ancient bones of a T-Rex, or look each of the Presidents on Mt. Rushmore in the eye.

Our mission is to create a family-friendly atmosphere where parents and children can enjoy indoor rock climbing together which challenges and excites the senses, our climbing walls are visually stimulating with vibrant colors that have the most incredible hand crafted painting.




ClimbZone is a revolutionary concept in family entertainment that provides an amazing and unique climbing experience. This unique family focused climbing center concept was brought from New Zealand (where it has been incredibly popular since its launch in 2008) to the United States. The first US climbing center was opened in Laurel, Maryland in 2014. Each of our 75 walls is custom designed, with customers scaling walls that replicate amazing adventure scenes from King Kong® to Mount Rushmore. It's fun as well as secure, since ClimbZone utilizes an efficient hydraulic auto-belay system which allows climbers to return to the ground without relying on another person.



  • All areas of the US are available for development
  • Total investment required is between 2 Million and 2.7 million dollars

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