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What will I receive as part of the FRSTeam Franchise system?

You and your key staff will complete training at our training center, plus you’ll get pre-opening help at your own location. You’ll have access to all the FRSTeam procedures, systems, and materials. And, you’ll receive, among other things, a detailed operating manual and the rights to use our trademarks.



Do I need prior industry experience?

As experienced, quality dry cleaning business professionals, most FRSTeam Franchisees will be able to take advantage of existing plants and retail networks. But knowledge of fabric restoration is not a requirement to join FRSTeam.


What is the initial fee?

The Franchise fee is $35,000 and $45,000. This fee funds our pre-opening support of your operation, including your initial headquarters–based training and on-site assistance.  You must pay for all registration fees, travel and living expenses that you and your employees incur while attending the training.


How much is the initial investment?

The estimated initial investment is estimated to be between $43,375 and $409,000 depending on the current business configuration. As with any new business venture, it’s important that you have the capital needed to adequately fund your new business. Costs could be towards the lower estimated amount with existing dry cleaning operations.


What is the term of the Franchise agreement?

The initial term of your FRSTeam agreement is 10 years, with two optional 5-year renewal terms.


Are there ongoing fees paid to FRSTeam?

Franchisees will be required to pay 6% of gross revenue. The royalty helps to fund our ongoing support services and the continued development of new systems, equipment, software, training programs and operation upgrades. In addition, there is an option for participation in the National Accounts program for an additional 3%.  There are other fees.  Other fees are disclosed in detail in our Franchise Disclosure Document.


Are there any advertising fees?

Franchisees will be required to contribute up to 2% of gross revenues toward a system-wide marketing fund. These funds are used to develop marketing strategies to promote the FRSTeam brand and fund the creative costs to develop national and local marketing materials.


What training will I receive?

FRSTeam will provide detailed training prior to the time of your opening for you. (One week, a general manager, and a marketing manager). Plus, we’ll provide onsite assistance for a second week of training. There is no additional charge for these training services, but you must pay for any travel and living expenses while attending training at our offices.


What about ongoing support?

We will provide support services to you by phone, email, and periodic on-site visits to your location. In addition, we periodically update our operations manual with new procedures and other information designed to improve operations for all Franchisees. Lastly, there is an annual convention where educational and best practice sessions are offered.

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