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Leading the trends in Healthy active entertainment!



Sport + Fun = Revenues

Funtopia business philosophy capitalizes on a growing trend towards healthier, active lifestyles. More than just a place for kids to play, Funtopia is an adventure park where family and friends challenge themselves. Our mix of sports and fun, coupled with an amazing brand experience, has enabled our locations to enjoy the benefits customer loyalty.


Supporting Healthy Lifestyles

The concept was created out of desire to provide a new type of entertainment that would be an alternative to today’s prevalence of physically-passive screen display entertainment. Believing that being active, both mentally and physically is the essence of healthy lifestyle, we decided to make it as fun as possible. In 2012 Walltopia group – the world leader in production of climbing walls, saw an opportunity to change the current situation by creating a new revolutionary format of family entertainment – Funtopia, a fun and safe adventure park that would promote healthy activities.



Global Brand with Prime Exclusive Territories Available

Backed by the knowledge and long international experience of the Walltopia group, Funtopia has grown into seven (7) countries to include: United States, Australia, Malaysia,Mexico, Pakistan Israel and Bulgaria. Joining the Funtopia family today means becoming part of a leading team in the global revolution of active entertainment industry.


Turning Passion into Profits

Funtopia is different than most businesses. Our culture, our customers, and the Funtopia brand experience is the “icing on the cake” to a solid business model that allows you to grow your income and reach long-term wealth goals.


Why Franchisees Love Funtopia

Our franchisees love the brand, culture, and business format. However, the main reason franchisees love Funtopia is the resources and support they receive from our corporate headquarters. The Funtopia team is comprised of development, operations, and marketing professionals focused on individual franchisee success.



Bring Funtopia to your Community!

We’ve developed a proven business model that is backed by a team of industry experts. Funtopia is a unique concept for active entertainment that mixes sports and fun. Join Funtopia, a brand that is changing the worlds perception of family fun.


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