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For over 20 years, Handyman Connection has made it a priority to equip our franchisees with the skills, knowledge and tools to grow their business. With our brand standards in mind, we strive to provide all potential franchise owners with as much information as possible to help them expand, grow and evolve with a changing business environment.



Reasons To Love A Handyman Connection Franchise

  • Home repair and home remodeling is a vibrant industry that has numerous demand factors in place for a sustained period of time.
  • The opportunity to generate a portfolio of multi-purchase, repeat customers.
  • A Handyman Connection franchise offers a simple business model that requires no inventory and low overhead.
  • A Handyman Connection franchise offers you flexibility, both in your time and in your lifestyle.
  • A Handyman Connection franchise offers you freedom from the corporate grind giving you the ability to make your own decisions to grow and build a business as you want it to be.
  • As a Handyman Connection franchisee, you will work for yourself, but not by yourself.
  • Home Office Support – we offer the right mix of guidance and autonomy.
  • The ability to interact with, support and service your local community.
  • You will have the ability to interact with and learn from other Handyman Connection franchisees, customers and the home improvement craftsmen you engage to provide the services to homeowners.



Support & Training


When starting a handyman business, building a consistent and satisfied customer base focused on optimizing lifetime value is one of the most important activities a franchisee can do. That is why Handyman Connection helps each franchise owner in the following areas of marketing activity:

  • National Marketing
  • Local Marketing Programs


Providing our franchisees with best-in-class training is central to our mission of being a leader in the home improvement franchise industry and that is why we have spent the last 18 months overhauling our training & franchisee launch program to best help our franchisees get up and running in the most efficient way possible. As the owner of a Handyman Connection franchise business, you will benefit from the following training opportunities:

  • Pre-opening business setup and support
  • 4 weeks of training via webinars and conference calls leading up to a 6 day in-person training session
  • Onsite field support in your territory
  • Weekly calls with your operations support team
  • Peer-to-peer networking and collaboration


Starting a business is an exciting but new experience for many people. We have developed a customized business management software tool that keeps track of customers, work requests, craftsmen, schedules, appointments, estimates, payments, etc. This tool provides a business dashboard that breaks down your data into key operating metrics and allows you to have visibility into all key areas of your business.



Become a Franchise Owner

As the owner of a Handyman Connection franchise, you will be expected to be actively involved in the operation of your business. You will not be performing handyman work yourself; you will engage local craftsmen to complete the work for your customers. Your primary areas of responsibility in this franchise business opportunity include:

  • Market and Advertise Handyman Services in Your Community
  • Recruit, Hire and Retain Craftsmen
  • Customer Engagement and Service
  • Financial Management
  • Job Scheduling and Coordination
  • Be a Hands-on, Engaged Owner



Franchisee Characteristics

Many of our franchisees come out of middle to senior management positions in corporate America, sales professionals and business owners. We don’t expect our franchisees to have all of the skills and characteristics of successful franchisees when they come on board. However, we do look for franchisees to have the ability, energy, and work ethic to learn new skills and the personality to want to execute the skills that we support. These include the development of business plans and effectively marketing & selling Handyman Connection services in their markets.

In addition, franchisees must be able to quickly identify and close job opportunities and efficiently manage the completion of those jobs. Franchisees must possess the qualities of an entrepreneur, be willing to work long hours, and assume the personal responsibility for the success of the business. Handyman Connection franchisees thrive on being in charge of a business and must be able to staff and lead people. Franchisees also must have the financial acumen to handle the accounting duties of their company and the organizational skills to ensure that operations run smoothly.

While their backgrounds vary, there are some common and consistent traits we see in franchisees that have successfully taken on our franchise business opportunity:

  • Organized
  • Assertive
  • Service oriented
  • Self motivated
  • Outgoing and persuasive

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