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We have been asked many times, “When will you open a Kid’s Haven™ in our town?” This is in part what has led us to our decision to franchise. Kid’s Haven has a calculated tuition structure that gives parents an option to only pay for child care when needed. In the child care industry, being a full service child care that is a notch above the rest in all areas, this is not heard of. We know that what we have here can work in other parts of our state, and beyond. We can teach what we have learned, based on more than 25 years’ industry experience, to the right people.


If you are interested in a child care and preschool opportunity, we may have what you are looking for. Our franchisees should begin as Directors of the business – we are not seeking absentee investors or owners to join our team. We want people who love children, and believe in the importance of providing quality care and education. In short, we want someone who “buys in” to what we offer. And our own founder, Terry Peterson, was a Director of the business for more than 20 years.



We envision territories encompassing approximately 10 miles, and a population center of at least 10,000 people. We of course would require that the location be in a professional setting. We will assist the ideal franchisees with licensing requirements, and we believe that a school should aim to have a minimum child enrollment of 180, and a childcare facility of at least 10,000 square feet. As part of what we offer to franchisees, we will help with the design of the facility.


We will also provide our franchisees some of the “tricks of the trade,” meaning that we have developed summer and after-school programs which can enhance the business model. There’s more to preschool than “the three Rs.” First, our infant program focuses on each infant’s needs and schedule; we are, additionally, state-recognized as breast-feeding friendly. We have a second-to-none toddler curriculum which focuses on social and communicating skills, and of course, mastery of potty training. For our preschoolers, we have expanded the school’s horizons to include computer and music classes. For our school age and summer programs, we offer drama, computers, gardening, music, art, science and math, health, fun and fitness, and even foreign language. People rave about our curriculum!



We mentioned before what a great compliment it is to us to continually be asked, “When will you open in our community?” Another great compliment to us is the number of school teachers’ children that we serve. We are also very pleased at how often we have been complimented by the school district on how incredibly “ready” our kids are when they enter kindergarten.


We find our work very rewarding; and we think you will too. We have a great story to tell and a great opportunity to share. If what we are saying appeals to you and you could see yourself as a Kid’s Haven™ franchisee, let’s talk.

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