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With today’s ever-growing red hot renovation market, Mirage dealers are reaping the rewards throughout United States and Canada where we currently own the trademark. Our specially formulated, high-strength material is designed specifically for going over any existing concrete surface.

We are becoming a particular favorite for property management companies since our products do not require any tear outs of existing concrete, which eliminates noisy jack hammers and tearing up lawn or landscaping! This in addition to being able to complete our projects in just three short days, makes Mirage both the most effective answer to their concrete restoration needs since replacing can take up to two weeks or more.




Mirage materials are specially formulated to provide a high strength material and bond to your existing concrete surfaces. The Mirage system is both functional and aesthetic in its form and function by adding 40% to the surface strength. Mirage system has been formulated for the freeze thaw areas across North America.

All Mirage projects are completed by highly trained contractors that exclusively use our product lines to assure you are getting the best product on the market. Application of our Mirage products are not invasive to areas around your project since no heavy equipment or tearing out of the existing area is required. Most projects can be completed in as little as 3 days, so you can go back to enjoying your new found decorative surface.




The company has been the industry leader in the concrete renovation market for over 20 years. Company owns several trademarks and US Patents. Principle of the company is ACI certified by the American Concrete institute and is considered an expert in the concrete renovation market. There are billions of square feet of old ugly looking concrete just looking to be restored with anyone of our four systems.


“Here are the top reasons why Mirage is an industry leader”


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More About Us

Mirage Founder P. Michael Fennessy has established a solid foundation with concrete certainty. P. Michael Fennessy is truly a pioneer in the world of decorative concrete paving and resurfacing. His innovation, hard work and extensive experience place him on a completely different plateau in his profession.

He has made his mark not only in the United States, but on a global scale as well. He has registered trademarks in over 60 countries and   plus US. Patents for equipment that has transformed the world of decorative concrete paving. Michael developed the Mirage Over-Lay System back in 1998 and his goal was to have a system that would stand up to the northern states as well as the southern states in America. Since then he has developed the Re-Do-It re-surfacing system Patina stain, Aqua Plus water base stains along with complete line of sealers. One of the main goals with all the systems he has developed is that they be user friendly and that any average person can learn this technology.

You do not need any construction experience and can learn the system with the help of his company trainers. The Mirage Dealership package the company put together includes, on-site training, custom mailers, complete patented equipment package, startup training materials, exclusive protected territory and a marketing kit.


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