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Own Your Own Explosive Health and Medical Support Business


This is the first time ever, in the half-trillion dollar health, wellness and medical industry a licensed business opportunity like this is being offered in your area! You can simplify your business life and be part of one of the most in-demand services ever offered.


Medical professionals are struggling in their private practices. Good healthcare is getting harder to obtain and its cost keeps rising. RX2Live has developed proprietary programs to help healthcare professionals double or triple the net income of their practices without adding additional staff members, without adding new patients and with little or no investment upfront. RX2Live is offering a limited number of licensed opportunities in your area.


If you are granted one of these licenses for your area, you can own a very simple to operate and lucrative business. You can generate monthly residual income from all of your active doctors and healthcare professionals active accounts. All you do is use technology to perform consultations to determine the best programs offered by us to increase their income and their freedom, set them up with their chosen program and we do the rest for you. You can generate a consistent residual income that can last for years. This allows you to have more freedom in your business, work when you want and have all the heavy lifting done for you.


We have successful franchisees who have already built a great residual income while working their job or adding this business to a current business. This is the simplest business you will ever operate in just a few hours per week. You can also build a big business by building a sales force. We also offer higher level licenses in the form of a master license covering a larger area.



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