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We are on the lookout for great franchise partners and Area Representatives (you can own an entire state, just ask us how!) to help spread the SushiFork movement around the world!

If you would like to learn what all the fuss is about, please take a peek at the information below and then complete our super easy form. No, really, it’s easy.

Our Support Center is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the sushi capital of the world…well, at least the fork-eating sushi capital of the world.



About Us

Well over a millennium ago fisherman in Asia developed a process to preserve their catch by wrapping it in rice, the origin of what we know today as “sushi.” Over the generations the process evolved, and by the early 1800’s, small “fast casual” sushi restaurants with a quaint, family-type, atmosphere began to offer made-to-order “sushi rolls” to patrons strolling in off the street.

Fast forward to the late 1960s as sushi was introduced to America. Upscale sushi restaurants were opened catering to the wealthy elite as master sushi chefs became highly-paid celebrities. Sushi became expensive and exclusive, while the sushi chefs began to frown upon any deviations from their “creative masterpieces.”

In 2015, three entrepreneurs embarked on a mission to recreate the original sushi experience, but with an American twist. Experts were challenged and empowered to pull together the essence of modern sushi. The result was elegantly simple.

Born was a fast-casual restaurant concept where sushi aficionados could indulge their senses in masterfully prepared cuisine ranging from classic rolls to custom crafted, original rolls; a place where sushi amateurs could boldly explore as many possibilities as their imaginations would allow- even combinations considered taboo; and, a place where people of all social classes, all ethnicities, young and old, north and south, east and west could dine in comfort or order to go... all at a reasonable price.





STEP 1: Tell us a bit about yourself by completing the form below.

STEP 2: Let us tell you a bit about SushiFork. We can schedule a call if you want, or would be happy to answer questions by email if you’re the shy type.

STEP 3: Tell us a little bit more about yourself. If each of us wants to learn more and we think it might be a good fit, we’ll ask that you fill out a more detailed evaluation form, at which time we’ll send you our Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD). These documents are required by the Federal Trade Commission and are standardized among all franchises. If you have a law degree and have taken some speed reading courses, it ought to only take you a few months to get through them. Just kidding….sorta.

STEP 4: We’d love to have you come visit us! Nothing beats a face to face, plus we want you to have the SushiFork experience first hand, meet everybody, try all of our wonderful food and just hang out with us.

STEP 5: You are so fired up that you are ready to get started! We’ll send you a Franchise Agreement, we both will sign it, you’ll slip us a little cash and then we will all get after it!

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