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Start A Wall Printing Business
The best investment and business opportunity is here! Wall Printing is a service business that grows profitable, long-term customer relationships. Print beautiful wall art on any vertical wall, any surface material, indoors or outdoors. Established worldwide in 2016, The Wall Printer is now seeking exclusive territory owners throughout North and South America.




The Wall Printer Benefits
The art of mural painting is evolving, expanding, and moving into new horizons. The introduction of the automatic wall printer machine is opening doors and opportunities to greater numbers of artists and creative business entrepreneurs.

  • Growth Potential - Business is endless, the target market is immense.
  • Designs that suits your clients - Wall printer murals has recently experienced an astounding increase in popularity.
  • The profits - After agreeing on the design, you decide the price!




The Wall Printer Machine
Quickly paint wall murals on any wall – indoors, outdoors, any surface, high resolution up to 2880 dpi, unlimited height, unlimited width, print speeds up to 850 square feet per hour for perfectly painted wall art, text, signage, and murals. The Wall Printer is equipped with an ultrasonic sensor that detects the texture of the wall and can automatically adjust the machine to draw any graphic and/or photo with 3D effects, even when the surface isn't perfectly flat.


Why The Wall Printer?

  • Highest Profits, Lowest Cost to operate
  • Exclusive Territories to build your business - no competition
  • Customer marketing to build your business quickly
  • Easy setup and reliability - commercial quality equipment
  • Free Training and unlimited technical support
  • The only US based vertical printing business with availability of parts, inks, accessories
  • Fast printing indoors or outdoors
  • Prints effortlessly and accurately on any vertical surface
  • Uses highly pigmented, durable, and eco-friendly water based and UV inks
  • Unlimited image printing height, unlimited mural image width
  • 15 patented technologies


Be The Wall Printer
Own An Exclusive Wall Printer Territory.
The Wall Printer is a service business, providing a high ROI for those with the motivation to excel! Deliver, exclusively in your territory, HD digital wall murals using The Wall Printer, to businesses and residential customers, interior designers, architects, or partner with signage and other large format printing companies, advertisers, community developers, etc.


Ideal Candidate:
You must have a minimum of $30k in liquid capital for equipment and an exclusive territory. We're looking for business opportunity seekers, who enjoy being the first kids on the block with no competition. Request more information to be The Wall Printer in your area today!


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