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“True REST is committed to providing the highest quality flotation therapy experience to all customers. Our mission is to share the miraculous benefits of floating with the world and make it approachable and accessible for all.”




Flotation Therapy is the miraculous process of relaxing the human body and mind in an anti-gravity, zero-distraction environment. There are approximately 1,000 pounds of Epsom salts, or Magnesium Sulfate, dissolved into ~160 gallons of skin temperature (93.5 F) water. This creates a very dense, 30% salt-to-water solution, which allows the human body to float on top of the water effortlessly. With the body supported and minimal tactile sensation, we are able to fully let go and enter a euphoric relaxation. The user has a choice of turning off the lights and music, which reveals another layer of deep tranquility and stillness. Often, customers enter a theta brain wave state when floating, which is associated with deep meditation, creativity, and dreaming.



As you might imagine, being in a low-gravity, totally silent, and pitch-black floatation tank gives the body time to relax. While the healing benefits of relaxation have long been documented, the intense relaxation of floatation therapy is unique to the low-gravity environment that floatation tank provides. This environment leads to more profound relaxation, and allows our bodies to recuperate faster and more thoroughly.



Being in a low-gravity, totally silent and pitch black environment gives the mind time to relax as well. This mental release is almost the opposite of stress, and allows the brain to stop allocating its resources to processing the experience of all of our senses, producing profoundly positive mental effects and releasing a surge of positive neurochemicals. Studies have shown the use of floatation therapy to be extremely beneficial for relaxation and mental health.



This means that for anyone with stress induced or related diseases, such as hypertension, ulcers, heart disease, and many others, the floatation tank offers a mental solution to the physical symptom, and goes after the problem at its source. By combating the stress, which is at the root of these issues, floatation tanks help to heal the body and the mind. Even more abstract mental issues, such as depression, psychological issues, even PTSD, have been shown to be alleviated in the tank environment due to shifts in brain chemistry.

For many conditions, floatation therapy offers an alternative to medicinal, or “pill therapy” which has become the default in our culture. Floatation therapy offers a safe, natural, and scientifically researched alternative, or enhancement to many conditions plaguing our modern-day culture.


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